Maryam Nawaz accuses govt of ‘creating divisions’ among public, opposes Shehbaz on ‘charter of economy’

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz levelled heavy criticism at the government during a press conference in Lahore on Saturday, while also walking her party back from a proposal to arrive at a ‘charter of economy’ with the government.

‘Shehbaz has his own reasons for supporting charter of economy’

Terming the opposition’s proposed ‘charter of economy’ as a mazaq-i-ma’eeshat (making a joke of the economy), Maryam said there can be no agreement with the incumbent government, which she said “stole the people’s mandate”.

She also distanced herself from PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif’s decision to support the charter.

“Shehbaz sahib has a lot more political and administrative experience than me. He must definitely have considered things that I am unable to see when he talked about [signing a] charter of economy. He has his own opinion,” she said.

She added that as a citizen of Pakistan and a PML-N member, it was her right to hold and express an opinion.

“Whenever I have a dissenting note or different opinion on any issue, I express it respectfully before Shehbaz Sharif during party meetings,” she said. “If it is rejected, that is a different matter. If it is accepted, then that is very good.”

Having said that, she condemned the idea of giving the current government “a way out” by signing an agreement or charter, and added that Nawaz Sharif — who she underlined has the final word on party matters — shares her opinion.

“To sign a charter with a man who has ruined the economy and made people’s lives difficult is equivalent to giving him an NRO,” she said.

“How can you give them (government) relief over something that they should be held responsible for?”

“[The prime minister] has ruined the economy by his incompetence and now he wants the opposition’s stamp [of approval] so he can get an endorsement of his [performance],” she said.

“This cannot be. Let him answer [for his performance]. Whoever supports his falling credibility will be held accountable in the people’s court, no matter which opposition party it is. We should not become a part of this crime.”

“You do not offer to sign a charter with a man who came into office by stealing votes and a mandate, you make and example of him.”

Later, while responding to a journalist speculating on the differences between her and uncle Shehbaz Sharif, Maryam stated that whatever she had said was her personal opinion and should not be construed to mean that she had differences with the PML-N president.

“There is no conflict between me and Shahbaz Sharif sahib and God willing this wish of our opponents will never be fulfilled,” she tweeted. “I have clarified that this is my personal opinion. Those who try to present [the difference of opinion] as a conflict will be disappointed.”

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